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Ling Hui
: I'm a human being. 
Cai Xin: I am a laughing machine cum vege seller. 

Yi Ting: Hmmm... I don't know what to say about myself. =X 

Scott: I am Scott.. yea that's all.. 

Jordan: Cheerful :) Happy Go Lucky. Thinks that there will be everlasting friends. 

Seng Wei: What type of person I am is up to you guys to think

Zeus: I hate being piggy =(



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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

hulla~ guys long time never post already. Now I very *eng eng* so decided to crap something before all homeworks & tests & exams came knocking at my door. Firstly, hope our mojo jojo is doing fine & well at JC! Don't keep busying pao char bo! And I miss having picnic (it's cheap, nice & simple) at east coast park hope to have one soon (hopefully on that particular day everyone can go). Lastly, let's work hard for our O levels (what a boring ending -_-) Yay! Remember to meet up more at Skype to chat, crap & critise each other!!

all the best,


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hello people! MERRY CHRISTMAS! hope you guys are enjoying your holidays. School's re-opening in like a week's time and we'll have to start working hard again. T.T so jiayou! I've changed the layout for the last time in 06', so hope you all like it. I've been using this for my desktop wallpaper so I decided to make this a layout
here also.

I've tried both Firefox and IE so this layout works perfectly fine in both explorers. So if there's any faults please let me know I'll change it. It's bit plain here so I decided to add music soon, but I don't know what kind of music/song you'd like to hear here, so maybe you can suggest or send me the song and I'll upload it here.
There's a new wallpaper too! :D I've added it on the right hand column
of the page. Anyway, comments/critics welcomed.

Oh and finally, thanks
to anybody who has helped me and thanks for the everything
in this 'eventful' year. Happy new year 2007!!

~Zeus 5:27PM


Monday, November 27, 2006

my birthday cake

hey everyone, again thaks to u guys la haha for planning my birthday espically that 2 angels haha zeus n yitng.
ya la dunno y this birthday got so many problem worst still the problem is not ours but we got to help to solve
nv mind its over le just hope that they can help themselve

really happy but u all leave so early didn't manage to took photo with everyone la haiz regret sia

k dunno y feel that this holiday damn long la n quite boring too
but is quite a bad holiday la got to think so much of stuff make me feel damn irritating

dunno wat i am thinking of serriously my head going to explode lo

anyway wish that u guys hve a happy holiday ths is the time we sholud

if not when sch reopen we really got to WORK HARD

wish that we can hve more fun together maybe can hve it withotu others la just 7 of us is quite a good thing too.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

hello guys..
our holiday nearly passed half already =)
and soon receiving n level result >''< hope everyone can promote to sec5 =)

happy holidays
send this message to jordan before i go back....

i dun think i will be able to say it on that day -.-''

yiting =)


Friday, October 27, 2006

New layout people!! -.- Hope you all liked it. I liked it! =x
Anyway, made a couple of changes here. Some wallpapers are
available for use also (see right).
Oh comments/critics welcomed. :)

- Zeus 1:18PM


Saturday, October 07, 2006


O_O look at the tag by me O_O



Anyone want to go eat sakae sushi on Wed at bugis?? I have been craving for it for weeks!! And please don't tell other people only let those who're the members of this blog knows. This is my habit. And jordan at what time your timetable ends on wed? Hope you can come too if not maybe change to other day. Please leave a tag if you guys want to go!